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Production of Calcium supplement for pets from eggshells


Our concept is based on the principles of the circular economy and the need to reduce food waste, which are the imperatives of our time. Millions of tons of egg by-products are discarded annually, which causes a serious environmental impact. Eggshells are considered hazardous waste because the proteins in their membranes decompose easily and can become toxic. Moreover, their management requires complex and expensive technological processes.

Our business idea is to exploit egg by-products and produce a natural product that will be a food supplement for animals (mainly dogs, whose main diet is meat), which will have a specific benefit, derived from the increased presence of calcium in the egg shell, which is the characteristic element of its composition.

The formulation is in powder form and has a high calcium bioavailability due to its fine grinding and natural origin. Its use as a dietary supplement for dogs and cats fed mainly on meat is intended to compensate for the high phosphorus content of meat on the one hand and to cover any deficiencies in calcium levels on the other. Pets with reduced calcium levels often suffer from loss of appetite, weakness, weakness, sluggishness and in severe cases convulsions or seizures.


The group :

Marianna Iliadou

Papanikolaou Elpida

Fountoukidis Ioannis