Light Hub draws its momentum from an extended ecosystem of businesses, organisations, research institutions and agencies, with whom it supports and collaborates in order to support the groups that join its ranks.


The Technopolis Incubator is an integral part of Technopolis, with the primary objective of providing the necessary infrastructure, support services and financial investment projects to selected, innovative companies in order to ensure their success and viability in the market. The mission of the Incubator is to identify innovative business ideas and support their commercialization in an efficient manner for the benefit of the company’s shareholders.

DCN’s mission is to create lasting impact by empowering a new generation of voices and ideas in the digital communications space. To achieve our mission, we operate as an open space for communication, creativity and connectivity to promote truth and good values, serving as a catalyst for credible information and democratic change in society. We operate as an entrepreneurial start-up where professionals can collaborate and create solutions and ideas that can easily scale regionally and globally.

The Department of Molecular Biology & Genetics (MBG) of the Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH) operates in Alexandroupolis and is the only Department in Greece that provides studies in Molecular Biosciences that are at the heart of innovation in the fields of Health, Food, Environment and Rural Development. The Department accepted its first students in 2000. Today there are about 700 undergraduate students, 93 postgraduate students and 40 PhD candidates, while 1079 degrees, 64 Master’s Degrees and 39 PhDs have already been awarded. The Department became autonomous in 2012 and currently has 23 faculty members. The vision of the Department of MBG is to provide high quality research, education and social work with the aim of becoming a leading institution in the biological and biomedical sciences in Greece and Europe.

The Light Hub collaborates under a memorandum of understanding with the International University, more specifically with the Department of Management Science and Technology  as well as with the Innovation, Creativity and Competitiveness of Businesses and Organizations (BICC) research laboratory, through which postgraduate students provide support to beneficiaries of the Light Hub support structure e.g. market research, desk research for competition, trends analysis etc.

The PRAXI Network is a unit of the  Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas (FORTH)  and employs more than  30 highly qualified staff  from different disciplines and scientific fields.

The PRAXI Network was launched in 1991 as  an initiative of the Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (FORTH) and the Federation of Enterprises and Industries (SEV). Since then, the PRAXI Network has undertaken important initiatives aimed at the development of technological partnerships between Greek and foreign companies and organisations, while since 1998 it has been an official information and advisory body regarding the Framework Programs for Research and Innovation, assuming the role of National Contact Point (NCP).

The Hellenic American Union (EAE) is one of more than 250 organizations worldwide – and the only one in Greece – whose foreign language and teacher training programs are accredited by the CEA (Commission on English Language Program Accreditation). This puts EAE’s programs on a par with those of the prestigious Boston University, Georgetown University, University of Pennsylvania, etc., which are accredited by the same body.

The eMT cluster is the first collaborative innovation & technology cluster in the Region of AMTH.

Aim of the eMT Cluster is to develop an ecosystem of technologies that will accelerate and at the same time reduce the cost of adapting businesses to digital transformation, introducing the term fast digital on boarding.