The Light Hub is a model entrepreneurship support structure operated in Alexandroupolis by the Evros Chamber of Commerce.

The structure supports the development of new ideas through a structured two-stage support program. At the same time, it enables existing businesses that are members of the Evros Chamber of Commerce, to have access to specialized seminars by mentors and speakers of international repute.

As a member of the Evros Chamber of Commerce you can participate individually or train your executives by participating in the scheduled workshops.

Planned workshops


with Nikos Panagiotou

Strategic Crisis Management


18 June 11:00am

Workshop Coordinator

Nikos Panagiotou

Associate Professor at the Department of Journalism and Media, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Google Research Scholar

Despite the fact that the term has been identified with actions during a crisis, crisis management has a broader function in an organisation. It starts before a crisis occurs through prevention and aims to prepare the business to develop reflexes and resilience to deal with an impending crisis. It also develops mechanisms for early recognition of a crisis and is terminated when a response has been achieved.

Preparation, reputation, recognition and other variables are elements that shield the organization. In this workshop, you will learn best practices and gain tools that are practically applicable to the company you operate or work for.

More about Nikos Panagiotou

Nikos Panagiotou is an Associate Professor at the Department of Journalism and Media of the Aristotle University of Athens. He has been a Chevening Scholar of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office UK, a Google Scholar, a DAAD Scholar at Deutsche Welle, a RCAP Scholar at APU University (Japan), Beijing Foreign Studies University and a recipient of transnational scholarships. He has significant research work, the most notable being the one funded by Google (Digital News Initiatives). He is the scientific and organizational director of the Thessaloniki International Media Summer Academy, Founder and Head of the South East Europe Centre for Research and Innovation in Digital Communication. He has published articles in International and Greek journals and reviews as well as in edited volumes, and has participated in Scientific Conferences with papers and presentations. He is a member of the War and Media Network (2010-present), while his research interests focus mainly on International Journalism, Media Literacy, Crisis Management and International News Organizations.

Important note: Although it is possible to attend remotely, the workshop includes activities from which real value can only be derived if one is physically present.

Integrated workshops


with Leda Karabela

Unleasing Human Magic


23 May 18:00

While a company’s business value and results are measured primarily by sales, revenue and commercial deals, it is always the people who make it all happen – although we often forget their dynamic role. In this interactive talk, discuss the various ways of approaching and overcoming obstacles to creating meaningful, and mutually beneficial and constructive business ties and relationships, as meaningful and purposeful relationships are key to effective synergies and agreements that broaden horizons, maximize opportunities, close gaps and unite divergent views. See how good you are at detecting lies, truth, hidden motivations and biases and discover your own professional “mantra” and personal “elevator pitch.”

While business value and bottom line is mostly measured by sales, revenue and closing deals, people are the true magicians of making it all happen. Meaningful and purposeful connections are key to impactful relationships that open possibilities, close gaps and unite divergent points of view. In this interactive talk, discuss the various ways of overcoming obstacles of connecting and creating the necessary professional bonds for success. See how good you are at detecting lies, depth, and figure out your own professional “mantra” and personal elevator pitch.

Workshop Coordinator:

Leda Karabela, Corporate Reputation Strategist, Leadership / Performance Coach


Important note: Although it is possible to attend remotely, the workshop includes activities from which real value can only be derived if one is physically present.

Influence & Persuasion MasterClass

Influence & Persuasion MasterClass

...reading the Micro Expressions of others

30 May 10:00-18:00


Guest keynote

Nikos Fragias

Interventionist – Behavioral Analyst – Profiler

Have you ever thought that you could have achieved more after a conversation with one or more people? Have you wondered why you didn’t do as well as you would have liked?

Have you said “yes” to a demand from another side when what you would really like is to say “no”?

Have you ever felt and experienced, in a meeting with clients, colleagues or even associates, that magical moment when you realized that you managed to influence and convince them in the direction you had set beforehand?
Do you consciously use skills and techniques to influence and persuade or… can it just happen sometimes?

How do we improve our way of expression and verbal communication to achieve alignment with and even more to guide the thinking of our clients, colleagues and partners?

How can we learn to “read” our interlocutor, emphasizing body language and micro-expressions?

Influence and persuasion are two skills that are shaped and developed through the adoption of techniques, skills and behaviours while being honed in practice. Particularly in a dynamic professional environment, the impact of positive influence strengthens relationships with people and teams, creating conditions for higher performance.

The one-day Influence & Persuasion MasterClass,provides participants with a “toolbox” of techniques and skills needed to be able to improve their level of influence and persuasion. The workshop includes negotiation and influencing processes and techniques that have an impact on decision-making on the part of clients, creating those conditions for maintaining mutually beneficial and long-term relationships with them.

Participants will have the opportunity to understand:

  • How their interlocutors think and act
  • How they can access the inner world of their interlocutors to understand how decision-making mechanisms are triggered
  • How they can influence these mechanisms and shape the best proposals and solutions.

At Light Hub we provide essential guidance and connectivity to help make the entrepreneurial vision of people with drive and enthusiasm a reality.

Past Events

Speaking with impact

Public speaking and presentation skills workshop

11 May 18:00

Public speaking and presentation skills workshop

An entrepreneur’s ability to speak confidently in public is an integral part of the demands of his or her daily life. Meetings with partners, entrepreneurship activities, trade fairs, face-to-face discussions with clients and experts, presentations to investors. The list is inexhaustible.

In this practical workshop you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with tools and practices that will help you to communicate more effectively, with less stress and more confidence in yourself.

Workshop coordinator:

George Theriou, Associate Professor of IHU, Director of the Laboratory of Innovation, Creativity and Competitiveness of Enterprises and Organizations

Important note: Although it is possible to attend remotely, the workshop includes activities from which real value can only be derived if one is physically present.