Opening of the Light Hub Co-working Space

Opening of the Light Hub Co-working Space

In a solemn ceremony that took place on Monday afternoon 26/06 at the premises of the Entrepreneurship Support Structure Light Hub of the Evros Chamber of Commerce, the new Collaborative Space (CO – Working Space) of the Structure was inaugurated. The Co-working Space was financed by own funds and by the INTERREG programme and is designed to support the development and maturation of the community towards the creation of new and start-up knowledge transfer and interconnection businesses, reinforcing the action of the Light Hub Structure, which by extension is the action of the Evros Chamber. It is noted that the Light Hub is already “running” the second phase of training of the first six beneficiaries, while until the end of September applications are accepted for evaluation for the second cycle of beneficiaries. At the same time, applications for participation in the SEA Transnational Accelerator will remain open until 28 September.

Welcoming the event, the President of the Chamber of Evros, Christodoulos Topsidis, noted among others: “I believe that over the years, the Chamber of Evros has shown and proven its support to the local business community, claiming and supporting the demands of entrepreneurs for better conditions. This is something we will continue to do, but at the same time we must also incorporate in our policy the new data required by the global market. To be able to do this, we need structures like the Light Hub, which, with the right support, grow dynamically and bring local entrepreneurship into more direct contact with knowledge and innovation. Already within a year, our Structure has made significant steps and I believe that in the near future we will be able to show you even more impressive results and most importantly we will be able to share with the local business community more knowledge and information, which will act as a boost to business development.”

During the event, the participants had the opportunity to learn about new workshops of the Light Hub (Design Lab and Neuromarketing Lab) and to listen to short presentations by some of the mentors who accompany the beneficiaries of the Facility.

From the podium of the event greetings were given by: the MP of Evros of SYRIZA Natasha Gara, the Secretary General and representative of the Municipality of Alexandroupolis Yannis Bogdis, the President of the Department of Economic Studies of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Dimitris Demetriou, the President of the Alexandroupolis Bar Association Roula Tsirtsidou, the President of the Association of Industrialists of Evros Christos Yordamlis, the President of the Scientific Committee of the Light Hub Petros Soukoulias and the Manager of the Light Hub Leonidas Skerletopoulos. Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with CERTH.

Signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation with the CERTH

One of the most important moments of the event was the signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation between the Light Hub and the National Centre for Research and Technological Development (EKETA). CERTH is the largest research centre in Greece and it is an honour for the Chamber of Evros and the Light Hub to strengthen cooperation through the Memorandum of Cooperation. The documents were signed by the Director of CERTH Dr. Evangelos Bekiaris and the President of the Chamber of Evros, Mr. Christodoulos Topsidis.

The event was attended by journalists from Balkan countries and other regions of Greece who attend the Cross – Border Journalism training seminar implemented by Light Hub with funding from the INTERREG programme