Light Hub visit at the Netherlands Innovation Center: An Innovation Bridge

Light Hub visit at the Netherlands Innovation Center: An Innovation Bridge

Recently, representatives of the Evros Chamber of Commerce’s entrepreneurship support structure (Light Hub) visited the Netherlands to explore the Netherlands Innovation Center (NIC), a significant center of innovation and technology that serves as an important European bridge to China. The purpose of this visit was to explore the prospects for cooperation by learning more about the opportunities offered by the NIC.

During the visit, Light Hub’s manager, Leonidas Skerletopoulos, along with Dimitris Skourogiannis, a global designer and mentor at Light Hub, met with Yuanjie Yu, Operation Director at the Amsterdam Branch, to discuss the prospects for collaboration and growth opportunities for the start-ups supported by the Light Hub incubator.

A beneficiary of the Light Hub incubator, participating in the incubator’s support program, also attended the meeting and will benefit from the provided services and collaboration with the Netherlands Innovation Center.

The visit to the Netherlands Innovation Center is a valuable step for the development of the business ecosystem. Light Hub and the Netherlands Innovation Center are expected to explore collaboration at various levels, such as exchanging expertise, participating in joint research programs, and supporting the internationalization of start-ups in Europe and China.

Overall, the visit of Light Hub representatives to the Netherlands Innovation Center opens new horizons for cooperation and international interaction. As we move towards the future, we expect to see more contacts for collaborations of this kind, contributing to the strengthening of services for the business teams that join Light Hub.